Established in 1992, Economic Opportunity Funders (formerly known as the Grantmakers Income Security Project) operates as an informal network of national, regional, and local level funders working to advance economic equity and opportunity in the United States. Economic Opportunity Funders (EOF) provides a forum for strategic discussion and supports the coordination and alignment of investments among identified areas of interest.

Collectively, EOF members have provided the vast majority of non-governmental support for the nation’s efforts to reform welfare and economic security policy over the last two decades.

Through collaborative funding efforts, EOF has helped launch several major initiatives.

1992 - State Priorities Partnership

The State Priorities Partnership, launched in 1992 as the State Fiscal Analysis Initiative (SFAI), is a network of more than 40 independent, nonprofit research and policy organizations working to ensure that states have the resources they need to invest in schools, child care, health care and other services that can help create opportunity, and reduce inequality and poverty.

1996 - The Welfare Information Network

The Welfare Information Network, created in 1996, functioned as a clearinghouse for information on welfare policy and implementation for nearly a decade.

1996 - Assessing the New Federalism project at the Urban Institute

Established in 1996, the Assessing the New Federalism (ANF) project of the Urban Institute and its partner Child Trends analyzed the experiences of low-income families and children during major shifts in the nation’s social welfare policies. See a synthesis of eight years of research here, including a national survey of 40,000 American families, case studies, budgetary analysis, and a database of evolving state welfare rules.

2001 - Brookings Institution’s Welfare Reform & Beyond Initiative

Launched in 2001, the Brookings Institution’s Welfare Reform & Beyond Initiative was a two year initiative created to inform the critical policy debates surrounding the upcoming congressional reauthorization of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program and a number of related programs that were created or dramatically altered by the 1996 landmark welfare reform legislation. See a capstone collection of twenty brief essays published between January 2001 and February 2002 here.

2002 - Tax Policy Center

Founded in 2002, the Tax Policy Center (TPC) , a joint venture of the Urban Institute and Brookings Institution, provides timely, accessible analysis and facts about tax policy to policymakers, journalists, citizens, and researchers.

2012 - EITC Pooled Fund

Established in 2012, the EITC Pooled Fund supports rapid response, campaign and policy development efforts in the states to protect, expand and create new state EITCs.

2020 - Law & Soical Policy Legacy Award

Established in 2020, the Law & Social Policy Legacy Award recognizes organizations defending and advocating for low-wage workers’ rights . A $10,000 award will be given by EOF with support from the Public Welfare Foundation annually until 2030 as a part of their legacy investment into the Workers’ Rights field.