“EOF helps us stay abreast of economic issues, so it’s the value of all the information shared—from state, local and federal policies, to finding out what peers working at different levels are doing, to the national trends and ideas we can adapt for our region. It’s all integral to the daily lives of communities of color and to the vision and mission of the foundation.”

Ria Pugeda, if


“Being part of a broad network like EOF allows our team to learn as funders and collaborate with other partners. It gives us opportunities to be thought partners in advancing this important work to create an economy that works for all.”


Nomzana Augustin, WES Mariam Assefa Fund


“Being a place-based funder, EOF brings a national perspective to my work. It broadens my aperture of what’s trending—those macro issues that impact Philadelphia. It helps me be more thoughtful and connects me with smart organizations funding transformative work.”

Omar Woodard, GreenLight Fund


I am grateful to have the EOF community. It’s where I get a sense of what other funders are doing and who operates in my world.”

Tracy Williams, Omidyar Network


“EOF helps me network and get a clearer sense of what’s happening nationally. It provides access to information about how other funders are responding to this moment in history and what our national landscape looks like.”

Jidan Terry-Koon, San Francisco Foundation


“Through EOF, I get to keep up-to-date and to see how funders are responding. It really is very valuable.”

Padmini Parthasarathy, Walter & Elise Haas Fund


“EOF has been an incredibly valuable network to be a part of. EOF is responsive to what’s happening in the moment—it’s topical and relevant and provides a rich forum for meeting and working with colleagues in the field.”

Caitlin Hamood, Stoneman Family Foundations


“EOF is a roll up your sleeves and make something happen space. It’s the funder place where I get to wonk out on tax code and safety net issues. It gives me the platform and head space to bridge policy and movement building.”

Pierre Joseph, New Mexico Association of Grantmakers

As a program director relatively new to philanthropy, being involved in EOF briefings, webinars, and virtual working groups has been invaluable to my learning process about policy issues and philanthropic approaches being implemented in other communities across the country.

Sonia Quiñónez, Meyer Foundation


“EOF is a genuinely safe space. A space for candid conversations among peers and for honing skills. Through it, we have access to the most current research and analysis and the opportunity for dialogue, learning and camaraderie.”

Marcia Egbert, George Gund Foundation

Many organizations provide information about federal, state, and local policies and programs. Economic Opportunity Funders provides a unique forum for philanthropy to better understand its critical role in informing these policies, stimulating innovation, and undertaking research and evaluation to support the populations and issues we care about.

Sandy Ambrozy, formerly with The Kresge Foundation

Impressive – both the range of activities and the clarity of the reporting.  Might be a good benchmark for ‘best practices’ in affinity groups. I especially applaud their efforts to work collaboratively with other philanthropy networks and organizations.

EOF Member

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